myOrien Car Health Monitor & GPS Tracking Device

myOrien Car Health Monitor & GPS Tracking Device

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  • [Speed Alert] -myOrien can be set to alert you when the vehicle exceeds the set speed limit | [Maintenance Alert] -Easily schedule maintenance reminders at regular intervals by either time passed or miles travelled for each vehicle.

  •  [Harsh Breaking]-myOrien tracks the rate of deceleration of the vehicle, a major indicator of aggressive driving, and alerts you when the vehicle exceeds a safe threshold. | [Health]-myOrien will update you regarding your Car Health like Coolant level, Battery health, temperature etc.

  •  [Intrusion Detection]-The device can be set to alert you whenever someone illegally tried to enter the car.

  •  [Check Engine]-The myOrien device can detect when your vehicles Engine is on and update you the battery life and performance.

  •  [Geo Fencing]- The device can be configured to alert you when the vehicle travels into, out of, or both in and out of a customizable area. This can be useful for tracking employees with specific locations they must visit, or a teen driver on their commute to and from school.

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  • [1] .Real-time Data

           Access real-time information on any data point being monitored with a 3-second data refresh rate. |

  • [2].Shared Access

           Add family members as secondary users on the MyOrien app for easy tracking or add multiple vehicles/users.

  • [3]Plug and Play

            Have your smart car ready in minutes by plugging in the MyOrien to your OBD port.

  • [4]Offline Mode

            Have your trip data available for 72 hours in the event of loss of internet connectivity & sync backs once it regains connectivity.

  • [5]Auto Updates

            Receive over-the-air updates of all new features and functionalities on the myOrien app.

  • [6]Intuitive App Experience

            The app lets you decode everything that your car is trying to say with user-friendly interface and in-built analytics abilities.

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Additional Info

Refundable Yes
Brand Myorien
Price ₹11,999
Price ₹4,999
Colour No


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myOrien Car Health Monitor & GPS Tracking Device
myOrien Car Health Monitor & GPS Tracking Device
Price: ₹4,999

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